Breakfast feature

Signly, was launched at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre on Monday 7th December. Since then the interest has snowballed, resulting in the BBC breakfast team featuring the app on its Sunday morning output.

Signly’s own Philip Boyle was invited on to the sofas of the BBC to explain the inspiration behind the new app and what the aims are for the future.

“The coverage on BBC Breakfast and News is a great opportunity to spread the word about Signly and its benefits. The feedback from the launch has been fantastic, and lots of companies have already come forward, interested in how the app can help them communicate more effectively with sign language users.” Philip Boyle

Signly uses the power of a smart phone or tablet to deliver sign language content directly to the user. The initial launch has been a success in the Roald Dahl Museum and future developments could see the app being used in education, health, transport and services. The possibilities are endless and the access to signed content for the deaf community could be limitless.

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