Signly launch is a huge success

Great exposure for Signly app

Monday 7th December saw the successful launch of the Signly app at the Roald Dahl museum in Buckinghamshire. After a number of testing stages the app was signed off and launched with interest from local press, including the BBC and local radio station Mix 96.

The BBC’s feature on Signly was aired on the regional news programme South Today, Tuesday 8th December at 6:30 pm. Not only does this bring tremendous kudos to the efforts of the team behind Signly but also spreads the message of a great app that can significantly help the deaf community in accessing information quickly and conveniently through their own smartphone or tablet.

Buckinghamshire’s radio station – Mix 96 also ran a feature on Signly that was included every half hour on the station’ s news update.

This was fantastic exposure for not only Signly, but for the Roald Dahl Museum too, who have been pivotal in their support for Signly and the benefits it can bring to the deaf community.

This collaborative effort between Intermedia, Deafax and The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre  has been the key to launching a successful app that has true potential. Not only for cultural sites, such as museums, but for a potential wider purpose in airports, train stations, exhibitions, events, children’s reading books and more.

The future is exciting and very much visual for the deaf community.

For more information on Signly visit –

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