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Signly have been working closely with our friends at Lloyds Bank to improve accessibility and champion their commitment to customers who use British Sign Language.

Lloyds Bank are our first financial services partner and we’ve been super excited here at Signly HQ. Throughout our life we all make many important financial decisions – what bank account to open, how to finance our first home, what savings options are there available to us? It’s extremely important that we are able to evaluate the best choices for us and our family, as well as understand the risks and rewards in every decision we make.

Signly hopes that by working with Lloyds Bank we can eliminate the financial jargon that can sometimes be confusing, and allow those that use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language to have the information literally at their fingertips. Friendly, clear and informative without relying on the availability of an interpreter. Although family and friends like to help, and interpreters are available, it’s empowering to access information on demand without having to make a ‘special need’ known.

Nick Williams, Lloyds Bank’s Consumer Digital director said,

“We are always looking for new ways to support our customers and trialling this new technology is a great example. Alongside SignVideo, Text Relay and our interpreting service, Signly provides a new tool to make it easier to engage with the Bank. Improving our services to make them simple and intuitive for all our customers is key to removing barriers of financial exclusion.”

Lloyd’s Banking Group kindly opened the doors to their Innovation Labs which provided a great environment in which to showcase Signly and gather feedback from some of their customers who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language.

Firstly, the team at Lloyds provided us with some financial services literature about products and services. Then the Signly team got to work Signly-enabling the content – creating signposts, confirming understanding and filming BSL translations. Once filming was complete the team started coding to Signly-enable the content for the trial, allowing customers to use a smartphone to view the BSL content through augmented reality.

Mark Applin, Signly Co-Founder had the pleasure of attending the trials and collecting feedback first hand.

“It’s always an amazing and emotional moment when I see BSL users open the app for the first time, and hey presto, signed content appears. Working with Lloyds, we realised how important it is to provide BSL users with the ability to consume information via a channel of their choosing – in this case, Signly.”

The trials showcased Signly in a new sector and opens the door for other content providers to make important content more accessible.

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Lloyds Bank press release can be downloaded here

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